Jobs at Logan St. Market

Bodega Manager

The Role

Providing fresh and healthy produce to a neighborhood with limited food access is a top priority of Logan Street Market.  This position requires the experience to purchase both conventional and organic offerings, seasonal produce from local sources and year-round produce from produce hubs. The Bodega section of the Market operates 6 days a week.  Our goal is to purchase as much local produce as possible while still providing an abundant variation of product.  The Farmers Market portion of the guest vendors program runs year-round (indoor & outdoor) each weekend and requires coordination with crossover vendors in The Bodega.  The Bodega also assists in finding local producers to operate on a consignment sales model.  Please note that this is a start-up and a small company with limited operational experience. Within reason, employees of the Logan Street Market will be asked to perform duties outside of their normal roles in order to facilitate the overall function and goals of the Market.


Managing Operator of the Bodega

    1. Manage sourcing, distributors and vendors.  Keep up-to-date order sheets and invoices.
    2. Analyze sales data to adjust inventory and orders to better suite our model and the shoppers. Discontinue or place stagnant product on sale and introduce new products that adds to the sustainability of the Bodega and inventory movement.
    3. Work with local farmers to forecast produce and product buying.
    4. Effectively communicate with suppliers to ensure timely deliveries, excellent product quality, continuous improvement for cost reductions and improving lead times
    5. Evaluate and select suppliers based on their ability to supply product in accordance with the organization’s requirements like quality, contract compliance, and accuracy among others
    6. Check out shoppers using proper POS procedures.  Assist shoppers with their needs and provide service in a friendly and helpful demeanor.
    7. Work with other parts of the company to determine volume needs or consumer preference
    8. Manage labor to ensure proper coverage while managing overall labor costs
    9. Keep accurate and balanced budget reports of the Bodega and report status weekly to Market Director.
    10. Record financials into reports for accountant
    11. Train produce associates on new policies and product knowledge
    12. Develop recipes and nutritional info for seasonal, local foods that are available in the market and coordinate supplies and programming for nutritional education classes.
    13. Operate market’s EBT program and other incentive programs (Double Dollars, etc)
    14. Stock shelves and products.  Front face products on shelves at all times.
    15. Keep the Bodega in a clean, orderly and inviting state.  All cardboard and packaging must be properly broken down and taken out of the Bodega.


    1. Bachelor’s Degree and/or five-plus years of experience buying produce
    2. Strong communications skills and negotiating skills
    3. Connection to local farmers and members of the local food system
    4. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, stand for long periods
    5. Knowledge of food sales regulations and certifications.
    6. Knowledge and proficiency in Excel and Google Drive.

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