Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Popup Vendor

How do I apply?

Click Here to fill out the application!

Your answers on the application are going to be directly published to our Makers and Growers Map which is a live link on our website.

The more details you provide, the more the public can see on our Market Map.

We try to avoid crossover of products as much as possible.

Spaces are assigned as first come, first serve.

What can I sell?

To vend with us, you must create, grow, or make your own products!

Some examples are (but not limited to): bath products, honey, vintage clothing, baked goods, jewelry.

Please keep in mind that we want to keep crossover of similar products to a minimum so the more variety you can bring, the better!

How much is it?

To have a stall at our Makers and Growers Market it’s $36.50. If you would like to popup in a booth (if any are available) that is $75.

Where will I be setting up?

When we are inside, vendors will be sprinkled throughout the Market, on the Mezzanine and downstairs.

When we are outside, vendors will be located on E. St. Catherine St. We will have tables and chairs for patrons as well as an outdoor bar!

Popup booths are located where they are available. Once you have applied to the Market, we can talk about booth possibilities.

What do I need to bring?

When we are inside (due to inclimate weather), the market will provide a table and two chairs. When we are outside, vendors are responsible for bringing a table, chairs, and a tent (not necessary but is very helpful to create a space).

Can I request a space?

We want the market to be different every time which means different placements each week.

Can I popup in a booth?

Yes – if we have some available.

It’s $75 per weekend day and $55 for a weekday.

What is the difference between a stall, a space, and a popup booth?
A stall is the language that is used on our Third Party popup management website. It’s more like a space. When we are outside it’s a clear 10ftX10ft space, when we are inside, it’s a space around the market that has no clear boundaries but is big enough for a table and two chairs.
A popup booth is a booth that a permanent vendor has moved out of, so it is currently vacant. It has walls and is a clear structure instead of a table and chairs.
What is the Art Bazaar?

The Art Bazaar is a place for all Creators and Makers! Vend anything from vintage clothing, art, earrings, anything you can make or create!

It takes place on the last Friday of every month from 4pm-7pm.

It’s $26.50 to set up a table.

To sign up for the Art Bazaar, Click Here

Is there a popup market map?

Yes! Click Here to view the popup vendors and where they will be located.