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St. Brendan's Seafood offers wild-caught or selectively-sourced sustainable seafood.

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Address: 1001 Logan St., Louisville, KY 40204



St. Brendan’s Seafood will offer a broad array of natural, sustainable, high-quality seafood. We believe that Louisville (and much of the Midwest) exists, in some measure, in a seafood desert. Our commercial fishing for sockeye salmon in Alaska over the course of many years has led to our appreciation for fresh, wild-caught seafood. We desire to bring a “Pike Place Fish Market” (Seattle) to Louisville. Louisville does not have a fish market like many other cities, and we hope to change that!

When you support St. Brendan’s Seafood, you play a vital role in the boat-to-table movement, which strengthens our connection to each other and to our environment. You also support and form a relationship with your local fishermen, whose goal is to provide impeccable seafood to friends and customers in the Louisville area.

Wild-caught and selectively-sourced seafood remains a remarkably healthy food source. But we should be committed to sustainable seafood to help keep our bountiful fish eco-systems thriving. St. Brendan’s Seafood offers unmatched taste and cleaner, healthier seafood that comes from both oceans east and west, several rivers, and especially from the Northwest and Alaska. Our rivers, lakes, and oceans are interconnected, and it is vital that we interact responsibly with nature and with our seafood.

With St. Brendan’s Seafood, we can strive to eat purely and live well—obtaining the myriad health benefits from super-foods like wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, Oregon Rock Fish, oysters, Alaskan halibut and cod, and many others.

St. Brendan’s Seafood
Wild. Sustainable. Pure.

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