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All proceeds support OneWord non-profit, providing literacy access, education and more.




“Executive Director” – Stephanie is a Social Service worker turned Accountant, who forgot to how to read…. Truthfully, I worked in the non-profit world in the early 2000s. It was a small dream of mine to have an indie bookstore that provided community literacy. My Grandpa dropped out of high school to raise his 13 siblings when his mom. He never earned his GED, though often wished he would. My other Grandpa learned the language of Morse code, and served on the USS Missouri as a telegrapher during peace talks with Japan. Personally, I’ve struggled with reading my whole life, but I love learning and knowledge and stories and ideas. I live in Shelby Park and the stats are staggering.

Stephanie wanted to take a moment to share some personal inspiration. We keep these two rifles casings in the bookstore. They’re both from her grandfather’s funerals, one from each. One quit high school to support his 13 siblings on their family farm. One learned the language of Morse code serving in WW2 while working on the USS Missouri during peace agreements with Japan. Both are beautiful stories, despite the vast difference in experience. Both inspire Stephanie to be brave about sharing her own story. And our hope is that both can inspire you to believe in the value of your story. These men never imagined the impact their stories would be having many years later, and we hope that your story will impact future generations in ways greater then you could ever imagine.

My booth is open during these hours:Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm. Sunday 10am-4pm.

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